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It is occasionally possible that there will be additional fees such as Taxes, or Duties that must be paid by the recipient at the time of delivery. Please be aware that these fees are not under the control of Lakeview Milk Bar.

There would only be one delivery attempt per cake. The customer will still be charged for the order if the delivery is not made during that attempt for the following reasons: wrong or inadequate address, receiver not at home, address found locked, or refusal to accept. Such items would not be eligible for refunds.

The product's weight, size, colour, and other details are simply approximations that are listed in the product photographs. We primarily sell handmade goods. So, there can be a difference between the products' photographs and their actual products. Due to circumstances or demands outside of its control, Lakeview Milk Bar reserves the right to offer a comparable or alternative product.

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Users who have chosen one or more of the service providers mentioned on lakeviewmilkbar.in and accessed services: After their planned meeting, lakeviewmilkbar.in contacts these customers via SMS, email, phone call, or WhatsApp messages online to get their feedback on the experience or to let them know about the most recent product improvements from the service provider, lakeviewmilkbar.in entirely owns this feedback flow.

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