Once upon a time,

there was a quaint ice cream parlour in colonial Bangalore - Lakeview Milk Bar. Since the pre-independence times, it has been a part of the city's historical and cultural heritage and has witnessed the city evolve.

Lakeview Milk Bar's near century-long bond with the city remains strong for two reasons – the love and support of its loyal patrons and Lakeview Milk Bar's never-ending pursuit of delighting their palate.

A lot has changed over the years. But Lakeview Milk Bar's commitment to quality, taste, and passion for making ice creams hasn’t.

The Lakeview Story


The conception
of a dream

The story began with James Meadow Charles, an Englishman living in British-era Bangalore, who owned an ice cream parlour overlooking Ulsoor Lake. Inspired by the scenic beauty of the waterbody, he named it ‘Lakeview Milk Bar’. Families, friends, and lovers all fancied quality time with a bowl of ice cream.

Charles sold three ice cream flavours at its inception - vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.


A cornerstone in
the making

Charles decided to move back to England when India was at the cusp of independence and sold his business to an aspiring young businessman – a 19-year-old Vrajlal Jamnadas.

An avid ice cream enthusiast, Vrajlal ventured to California to perfect his craft under the tutelage of some of the most renowned ice cream makers. Upon his return, he introduced a range of classic ice cream flavours, which quickly became the talk of the town and garnered much praise.

"My grandfather was freshly out of college and was enamoured by ice creams. He bought Lakeview Milk Bar, the carts, and the recipes."
– Anish Vakharia, Vrajlal’s grandson


Sundaes are not just
for Sundays

Lakeview Milk Bar began a drive-in ice cream parlour to satiate the cravings of eager customers on the go. The drive-in soon burgeoned into the quintessential Lakeview Milk Bar experience we know and love today.


Parlour of the
midnight road

In the early 1970s, Lakeview Milk Bar set up shop in the heart of the city at MG Road. By then, it had become a household name, serving nearly 700 customers daily. Lakeview Milk Bar soon became synonymous with the late-night drive-in culture of Bangalore and cemented itself as a classic ice cream parlour.


a new leaf

Lakeview Milk Bar expanded its food menu to feature continental breakfasts and freshly made snacks. Naturally, this exciting development attracted a growing community of old and new customers eager to try the latest food trends.


the vision

With a selection of freshly baked cakes, cookies, and pastries, Lakeview Milk Bar continued to rake in acclaim from locals, tourists, foreigners, and corporations. From its humble origins as a small ice cream parlour, Lakeview Milk Bar blossomed into a beloved destination for lovers of ice cream and nostalgia.


the legacy forward

Today, Lakeview Milk Bar offers a refined dining experience that pays tribute to the city's rich history. As one of the first eateries in the area to serve pizzas and burgers, Lakeview Milk Bar continues to retain its nostalgic charm.

In recent years, Lakeview Milk Bar has expanded and opened branches at locations across Bangalore, such as Kalyan Nagar (2018), Indiranagar (2019), and Whitefield (2021). In an ever-changing world, Lakeview remains a place of comfort and familiarity.

Continuing the Family Legacy...

"After all these years of service, the good times, along with the not-so-good times, have deepened my passion for Lakeview Milk Bar.

I am keen to continue to drive my family's legacy as a successful business that derives not only from the point of sentiment but also as a challenge to build something meaningful. I hope to do justice in creating and innovating for our patrons, staff, and well-wishers.

I look forward to growing our vision and executing it with a full heart."
- Anish Vakharia