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Lakeview Milk Bar, Bengaluru’s very first ice cream parlor traces a journey parallel to that of the city itself. A legacy that remains unbroken from its start in 1930. An Englishman, James Meadow Charles started the restaurant and sold it to a 19-year-old Indian, Vrajlal in 1947 almost symbolically!

Since its start, Lakeview has kept pace with the growth of Bengaluru’s considering its original modest menu when they just had 3 flavors of ice cream – vanilla, chocolate and raspberry – and now serves food-savvy Bangaloreans in the 21st century.

Combining the enchanting mix of a modern menu with the inherited charm of the old Bengaluru, Lakeview offers its patrons a place where they can choose from a spread of fresh-baked cakes, continental breakfast, mouth-watering snacks and seductive ice creams. Generations have passed and Bangaloreans have long embraced Lakeview as a hangout, both for the casual foodie and for serious connoisseurs.

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